Digital loyalty program: Own app or platform?

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Digitales Kundenbindungsprogramm: Eigene App oder Plattform?

The majority of consumers prefer a digital loyalty program as an app on their smartphone. The reasons they give for this are that they do not have to carry loyalty cards in their wallet, they do not have to search for the right card and a digital loyalty program often offers special extras such as offers and promotions.

In fact, retailers also benefit from digital bonus programs. Didn't you know that? Then you should read up on how a digital loyalty program improves customer loyalty.
The question of whether a digital loyalty program makes sense should now be answered. So only one thing remains to be answered: When it comes to digital customer loyalty, do you prefer to have your own app or use an existing platform?

Digital loyalty program as an app

If your company does not specialise in developing mobile applications for smartphones, you should first look for experts who can develop your app. What you should bear in mind: Developing an app not only takes time, but also costs more than using existing solutions.

Once the app is ready and listed in the app stores, it's time to market it - after all, your customers have to become aware of the new product. This step also requires time and financial resources. The success of an app is measured by the number of downloads, so you have to make sure that your customers get to know the new application and use it.

Where is the bonus for your customers?

Make it clear to your customers whether this is a purely digital loyalty program or whether any loyalty cards are still valid in addition to the app. Also show them what else they can expect from downloading the app. If customers are not offered enough incentives, they may decide against your company's app and not participate in your digital loyalty program or, even worse, become regular customers at another retailer.

Having your own customer loyalty app brings advantages, such as your own branding and the free choice of features, but also devours a lot of time and financial resources in development and promotion. What about an alternative to digital customer loyalty via your own app?

A digital platform for all regular customers

The easiest and fastest solution to start a digital loyalty program is a customer loyalty platform like mobile-pocket. The special advantage for you as a retailer is that you will find an already functioning app into which you can embed your digital loyalty program easily and without great time and financial effort. If you like, we can also explain to you how to mobile-pocket.

Without having to develop your own app, you can reach your customers where they are. Customer loyalty platforms like mobile-pocket can be used by all brands and companies, which is why the app is already used by numerous consumers worldwide. This means an additional benefit for consumers, as the app offers discounts when shopping at different retailers, without having to use ten different apps for ten retailers.

For traders, this in turn means a wider reach. With their offers on a customer loyalty platform, they also reach potential new regular customers who originally used the platform because of another company. This way, customer loyalty and new customer acquisition go hand in hand. You don't have this advantage in a brand-owned app.

You want to reach your regular customers everywhere?

Thanks to digital customer loyalty on the smartphone, you can always be where your customers are. You don't even have to convince your customers to use your own app, but use the possibilities of our popular customer loyalty platform mobile-pocket. Would you like to know how many of your regular customers are already using mobile-pocket and are waiting there for your digital loyalty program? We would be happy to. Let's talk without obligation!

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