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mobile-pocket, a product of the austrian software company bluesource, is a digital ecosystem for mobile loyalty and reward solutions all across Europe.

Vodafone Wallet Screens - International Benchmark made in Austria

It is built to easily enrich the loyalty services baseline in a wallet like Vodafone‘s beloved „Vodafone Wallet“. Several international awards emphasize that and make mobile-pocket an international benchmark.

Vienna, 19. December 2016 – mobile-pocket, one of the worldwide leading mobile loyalty solutions, is first and foremost known as app. What many don’t know: The centerpiece of the popular app – called the mobile-pocket HUB – is built to easily enrich the loyalty services baseline in third-party-apps or wallets. These services are starting from very basic, but relevant, functionality of storing loyalty cards, towards more advanced capabilities of targeting and engaging consumers individually. „By providing a comprehensive set of loyalty services, we create the perfect environment for our partners“, says Wolfgang Stockner, CEO and founder of bluesource. „The content we provide ensures active users and fosters appropriate adoption of services like mobile payment.“

Best Practice Vodafone Wallet

Since 2014 mobile-pocket is part of the Vodafone Wallet in 6 european countries. Many industry relevant awards are proof of this flourishing partnership. This year alone Vodafone Wallet was rewarded with the following awards:

  • Payment Awards: Overall Winner
  • Payment Awards: Best Engagement and Loyalty Scheme
  • Emerging Payment Awards: Best Gift/Incentive Card or Programme
  • Emerging Payment Awards: Best Proximity or Contactless Payment Solution

„Integrating mobile-pocket into a wallet instantly makes it more relevant for its users“, explains Stockner. „The services can be released modularly and tailored to the requirements of any partner; no matter if that’s a retailer, mobile operator or finanial service provider."

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