Mobile payment made appealing: mobile-pocket HUB connects loyalty programs with mobile wallets of renown banks

Mobile payment has not become very popular in Austria yet. To make the mobile payment offerings of national financial institutions more appealing, mobile-pocket has integrated the features of its popular loyalty cards app directly in the banks‘ mobile wallets. Now customers of Raiffeisen Austria, Volksbank and many other well-known banks can  pay with their mobiles by debit card as well as access their loyalty cards and offers directly.

Hagenberg, 19.10.2020 –  Mobile payment, loyalty cards and offers, all in one wallet: IT company bluesource from Upper Austria has integrated the functionalities of its popular loyalty cards app into the digital solutions of renown banks. The mobile-pocket HUB ist he key for it. Raiffeisen Austria and Volksbank have integrated many features of mobile-pocket into their mobile wallets. Further partners will follow soon. 

In this way customers have their loyalty cards along with their tailored offers and rewards in their mobile payment app always at hand. The common customer loyalty approach aims at making mobile payment more appealing for customers. According to a current survey only 11% of Austrians use mobile payment systems.

All in one solution to make mobile banking appealing

„Through the mobile-pocket HUB we would like to make mobile payment appealing in Austria, too“ emphasizes Wolfgang Stockner CEO of bluesource, „From now on, bank customers will only need the mobile wallet of their bank, to pay in stores and benefit from the offers, bonus programs and memberships of their favorite shops.“

Besides customers and financial institutions the retail industry also profits from this customer loyalty initiative. „The integration of mobile-pocket into the banks‘ mobile wallets gives to partners from the retail industry an additional powerful channel, which they can use for their targeted marketing efforts“ explains Stockner.

*Source: „European Payments 2019“-Studie Strategy&

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