Tiendeo and mobile-pocket: enriching the customer journey

  •  Tiendeo and mobile-pocket let users access the latest deals linked to their loyalty cards
  • strategic collaboration drives footfall and sales for retailers
  • all wallets connected to the mobile-pocket ecosystem can access and distribute this content


February 2018. Tiendeo, the leading provider of geolocalised online offers, and mobile-pocket, a leading ecosystem for mobile loyalty and rewards solutions, have started an international collaboration to let Spanish and Italian mobile-pocket users discover the latest deals and offers of their favourite retailers.

Users are browsing geolocalised catalogues based on their loyalty cards

From today, customers who add their loyalty cards to the mobile-pocket app will no longer need neither their plastic cards nor any paper catalogues. Thanks to the collaboration between Tiendeo and mobile-pocket, mobile-pocket users can find the best offers directly on their phone. When and wherever they want, simply by adding all their loyalty cards. The next time they go shopping, when they open the app they will also get access to the latest catalogue offers linked to their loyalty cards.

Over the next couple of months, not only users but also retailers will feel the impact of this collaboration: The integration of this new feature helps retailers to interact with a greater number of their loyal customers before shopping, which is a great opportunity to drive footfall. “Tiendeo helps retailers in 35 countries boost their catalogue audience and increase traffic to their physical stores. The collaboration with mobile-pocket is the perfect opportunity for retailers to be with their customers every step of the way and show them content they are interested in.”, said Eva Martin, CEO of Tiendeo.

Ready-to-use content in multiple countries for all mobile-pocket HUB partners

As mobile-pocket is not only an app but a whole ecosystem for loyalty and rewards solutions, every wallet within the mobile-pocket ecosystem can also easily access and distribute this ready-to-use content.  Thereby they give their users all the more reason to use their wallet and drive uptake.

Tiendeo and mobile-pocket are planning on expanding their collaboration into further European and Latin American countries where the companies operate.


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