Customer engagement

Be with your customers every step of the way and publish special offers, coupons and rewards. For your existing loyal customers as well as for mobile-pocket's whole customer base, thereby reaching new customers beyond your app or loyalty scheme.

Interact with customers
before shopping

Drive footfall
with timely offers

Keep customers
thinking about you 

Tailor special offers to specific target groups

Using the smartphone to promote your offers brings you one step ahead in customer engagement. Interactions that are tailored to the personal wishes and preferences of your customers sent at the right time and right place will guarantee intensified customer relationships.

"We want reach our customers on every channel they use. Apart from offering us a very direct and straightforward way of communication, apps like mobile-pocket are perfect for linking our online shop with our stores."

Herbert Nikolowsky
Leiter Marketing, Eduscho Austria GmbH

"In mobile-pocket we reach a large but specific target audience with little effort. Especially young users are addicted to smartphones. That's why we are using an optimized mediamix to achieve our goals."

Jörg Pizzera
Director Marketing, McDonald's Österreich

Connect with customers directly at point of sale

Beacons are a perfect example for the saying "small but powerful". These small Bluetooth transmitters are able to localize smartphones and send targeted information. Because of this ability Beacons are a powerful tool for customer engagement.

The transmitters re just about the size of a 2-Euro coin. But in this case, that's all you need because size really doesn't matter. It's all about the required fine-tuning: transmission range, frequency and period can be fitted to every use case. It's the perfect way to connect online and offline worlds.

“Thanks to Beacon Technology we send relevant coupons, discounts and information directly to the smartphones of our customers based on location in our PAGRO DISKONT retail stores. Thereby we bridge the gap between online and in-store shopping."

Mag. Michael Kremser
Geschäftsführung, PAGRO DISKONT

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