Mobile customer loyalty and acquisition

Mobile customer loyalty program

These days smartphones have become indispensable in every customer journey. mobile-enabled loyalty programs enable you to build a much deeper and more rewarding end-to-end relationship with your customers.

With mobile-pocket your customer never forgets his loyalty card at home, is just one click away from checking his bonus points and is well informed about the latest top offers and his personal coupons. Everything in one place and always at hand.

Using mobile-pocket saves you money and time. And brings you on top new customers.

Grow your loyalty scheme memberships

Acquiring new customers and entering their data into existing systems can be quite a challenge.

With mobile-pocket anyone can sign up to your loyalty program in a matter of 2-3 minutes. It can be done within the app and right after the successful sign up their new loyalty card is ready for service.

This way you can totally bypass the plastic card and get your customer's data in whichever form you like. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you win new customers in no time.

"Offering the possibility to sign up for our loyalty program in mobile-pocket broadens our service for new customers. It's highlighting our position as a technology pioneer."

Markus Hügelsberger
Marketing Manager, Conrad Österreich

All-digital loyalty program

You don't have a loyalty program yet? No problem. No matter if you're a sole proprietor or big company - with mobile-pocket you can easily establish an all-digital loyalty program.

“Small enterprises don't have the resources to employ someone for the single task of administrating their loyalty program. mobile-pocket's all-digital loyalty program is a simple and easy solution for us."

Robin Wagner
Founder und CFO, Strandmeister GmbH

Drive retention

As soon as you're connected with your customers on their smartphone, drive retention with rich customer content like offers and coupons. 

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