Coupons module

By integrating mobile-pocket's coupon module you enable consumers to easily discover and redeem coupons of all the great brands, in store and online. Coupons can be used by any user without the need for set-up nor membership.

Drive footfall 

Coupons can be used as an one-off incentive from a brand or retailer to arouse a consumer’s interest, as well as to initiate and sustain an on-going relationship within the framework of a loyalty programme.

Create relevance

Being managed from the same platform, coupons can be made more relevant to individual users based on their loyalty cards or location. 

GS1 compliant

mobile-pocket stimulates a consistent redemption method based on the GS1 standard. This enables brands & merchants to cost effectively distribute and accept digital coupons on a large scale.

Success story Vodafone Wallet

Find out how Vodafone Wallet has benefited from mobile-pocket. 

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