Mobile Loyalty & Rewards Ecosystem

Fundamental shifts in consumer behavior and the fragmented marketplace means that brands & merchants, content aggregators, payment service providers and wallet operators need a common platform to close the loop of interaction and communication.

With our mobile Loyalty & Rewards platform we create value for all partners by enabling best-in-class customer engagement.

mobile-pocket icon loyalty cards


Users store all of their loyalty cards in one place and scan them to collect and redeem points.

Brands & Merchants can not only help customers to collect, redeem and display points more easily, but also promote their products. By using the „loyalty card sign-up“ functionality faciliating easy registration from the Wallet they can further grow their member base.

Icon Angebote


Users can easily discover and redeem coupons, offers and vouchers for all the great brands without the need of a membership card or an account. 

Brands & Merchants issue their content for both new and loyal customers. They can either choose to send it to all users or targeted based on interests, whereabouts, operating System and/or wallet.


Users can easily discover, buy, and give away gift cards of beloved brands such as iTunes, Amazon, Google, Zalando and many more. 

Brands & Merchants as well as Wallet operators use digital gift cards to boost sales, attract new consumers and rewarding loyal ones instantly.

Ecosystem partner

Our mobile loyalty & rewards ecosystem unifies consumers, merchants & brands, content aggregators and wallet providers on one platform.

Wallet & App User

manage all aspects of their customer shopping journey in one relevant place.

Brands & Merchants

are increasing their customer engagement to enable cross- and upselling.

Content Aggregators

use the ecosystem for high reach distribution of their offers and coupons.

Wallet Operators

are provided with a full managed range of loyalty & reward solutions. 

mobile-pocket's components

The mobile loyalty & rewards platform consists of 3 components that are constantly improved and supplemented with features.

mobile-pocket HUB


The HUB is the core system of the ecosystem. It aggregates and standardizes all content, which is distributed into all wallets connected to the HUB.

mobile-pocket Business Portal


With a single entry point over the business portal, merchants, brands, and wallet operators manage loyalty card schemes and couponing campaigns across the globe in multiple countries.

mobile-pocket App


The showcase app mobile-pocket is available world-wide, for all major mobile OS, in 13 languages with more than 5,500 pre-installed loyalty programs.

Surpassing the competition

  • Our platform enables best-in-class customer engagement and retention by providing a full range of loyalty & rewards solution
  • It is well established, with strong global coverage and scale partnerships
  • It allows new content aggregators to be onboarded easily (GS1 standard implemented)
  • It is awarded multiple times globally (EU, USA)
  • We have a vast experience working with millions of consumers, multinational retailers, and brands around the globe
  • We are operating our professional enterprise services under EU/German data privacy laws (GDPR compliant)
  • The integration via single SDK / API of one of our modules allows you a faster time to market with customers and content already up and running
Appcircus Winner 2011
mm Mobile Monday Demo Night Winner 2011
mcta Mobile Innovations Award 2012
WKO MAwA Mobile Award Austria eDay 2012
Best Android Apps 2013
Loyalty Awards 2014 Finalist
Mobile Innovations Awards Finalist 2014
Emerging Payments Awards 2016 Winner

Customer Engagement

For Brands & Merchants

Customers are seeking a closer relationship to their favored brands and merchants. mobile-pocket's services let you be with your customers every step of the way.

For Wallet Operators

With consumers’ affinity for loyalty programs and coupons, it’s no surprise integrating these capabilities will increase adoption rates.

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