MediaMarkt: digital customer loyalty on a new level

The challenge

For over 30 years, MediaMarkt has been the leading electronics retailer in Austria and the first port of call for wishes relating to the latest electrical appliances. A wide range of products and good service are a top priority at MediaMarkt, both in the store and online. As successful as it has been in the past, MediaMarkt Austria also wants to drive forward the retail of the future.

The vision

As a multi-channel retailer for modern technology, to also be a pioneer in digital customer loyalty management.


The Solution

For sustainable success, it is not only brand awareness that plays a decisive role, but above all proximity to customers. Especially in the case of a multi-channel retailer, seamless customer relationship management across all channels is particularly important. In line with this strategy, MediaMarkt is now relying on mobile-pocket. Like MediaMarkt, the loyalty card app represents an Austrian success story and is already long established among customers and retailers. An important building block for customer relationship management at MediaMarkt: many regular customers already use mobile-pocket. MediaMarkt can therefore pick up customers where they already are. This enables uncomplicated, digital customer loyalty and communication with those who do not use the retailer's own app.

Offers are just few clicks away

With mobile-pocket, customers who prefer a loyalty card to installing, registering and updating a retailer app can now combine the best of both worlds. With the ease of use of the loyalty card app, physical cards can be quickly digitized and managed in mobile-pocket. Yet customers still get the benefits of a digital loyalty program that doesn't require a merchant app.


mobile-pocket paves the way directly to the customer

In order to be able to reach as many regular customers as possible digitally in a simple way - even outside of its own app - mobile-pocket became the perfect match for MediaMarkt Austria. A solution that can deliver all the benefits of the MediaMarkt bonus club digitally and from a single source, and is also already known and used by customers. This benefits companies and customers alike.


"MediaMarkt Club members always have their benefits with them on the go thanks to the mobile-pocket app. The app not only scores with the organization of all customer cards, it also combines the bonus programs and thus saves the wallet from the flood of check cards. Customers also benefit from customized promotions that they receive via message. The focus here is clearly on customer benefits!"

Andreas Höglinger
Director Marketing & eCommerce at MediaMarkt

Not only in terms of user experience, but also for the company itself, mobile-pocket offers the ideal overall package on the subject of modern customer loyalty management. As a multi-channel retailer for modern technology, you should also act as a pioneer in digital customer service. With a good service offering, one can be closer to the customers*, which ultimately binds them closer to the company.


"With mobile-pocket as our partner, we have been able to take our digital customer relationship management to a new level and now offer our customers all the benefits of MediaMarkt Club mobile from a single source. In addition, we appreciate the excellent customer support and the reliable team - all points that distinguish the cooperation with mobile-pocket. Commitment is written in capital letters here!"

Andreas Höglinger
Director Marketing & eCommerce of MediaMarkt

Their success

Digitized cards

The number of MediaMarkt regular customers in mobile-pocket was increased by over 40%

Often seen

Impressions increased by 75% in the last year

Successful switching campaign

The campaign to switch from Saturn to MediaMarkt achieved a click-through rate of 30%.

Customers go along

The campaign to change Saturn's name to MediaMarkt was a particular success. It achieved a click-through rate of 30 percent. As a result, numerous former Saturn customers were welcomed as new members of the MediaMarkt Club.