Success Story Vodafone Wallet


The Challenge

For the launch of their NFC mobile wallet across Europe, Vodafone has searched a platform that delivers relevant loyalty and coupons content for users in 6 different countries. 

Their Vision

By 2020 customers will no longer need a physical leather wallet when leaving the house.

The Solution

Vodafone has selected mobile-pocket as platform for the Loyalty and Offers services in the Wallet. It enables front end functionality by library integration, API and non-API based on-boarding of merchant partners, campaign management and reporting. These benefits were critical for their success. 

"For Vodafone Wallet mobile-pocket is the perfect one-stop-shop for loyalty cards. One partner providing loyalty cards for every country Vodafone is present in helps us to act in a quick and agile manner. mobile-pocket is a huge time-saver."

Filip Horner
Manager Mobile Wallet, Vodafone Group Services GmbH

Comprehensive shopping experience

The Loyalty and Offers services work as an incentive and an extra reason to use the Vodafone Wallet as consumers use it all the way through their entire purchasing journey: showing their loyalty card, redeeming coupons and making payments.

Relevant coupons

Vodafone helps users to get more benefits from the brands they love.

With only a few clicks users can sort their coupons browse list exactly as they like it: either filter coupons by category or display them by distance. In order to do so, they simply have to select their current or future location.

API integration between Nectar and Vodafone Wallet


With 19 Million members in the UK, Nectar has chosen Vodafone Wallet as the first Wallet to integrate with as part of its mobile First strategy. All the benefits of the Nectar card will be brought to Vodafone Wallet customers: collecting points, checking points balance and receiving personalised offers.

Vodafone Wallet Nectar Screen

Their success

MoM user growth in loyalty services

Daily newly added user loyalty cards

Continuous user growth and 5-star store ratings are proof of customer satisfaction.

Vodafone Wallet user feedback

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