XXXLutz Group: Improving omnichannel experiences

Since 2019, mobile-pocket has been supporting the XXXLutz Group, one of the world's largest furniture retailers, with the digital customer loyalty of its XXXLutz, Möbelix and mömax sales divisions. 

The Austrian company is regarded as a digital pioneer in the retail sector and focusses on perfectly linking bricks-and-mortar retail with online business. In line with this strategy, the XXXLutz Group is improving the omnichannel experience through the use of mobile-pocket.



On the way to loyal customers

Almost half of Austrian households have a loyalty card from the company. But even loyal customers need to be activated again and again. Ideally via their preferred channel.

In order to reach its regular customers where they already are, the furniture group digitised the loyalty programmes of its XXXLutz, Möbelix and mömax brands in the popular mobile-pocket loyalty card app. 


With a targeted approach 

With the help of the numerous targeting options, the XXXLutz Group can address its customers even more specifically and thus expand its customer base. It relies on a balanced content mix of promotions, monthly offers for regular customers and current flyers. Selected campaigns are also played out using push notifications and geofences. Voucher codes stored directly with the respective campaign make it easier to redeem the offers at the point of sale and online.

In mobile-pocket

"With mobile-pocket, we are now relying on the expertise of a true pioneer in the field of digital customer loyalty. This will improve the omnichannel experience of our stores and encourage customer engagement. This will enable us to drive forward our activities both in the online shop and directly in the stores."

Thomas Saliger
Unternehmenssprecher der XXXLutz Gruppe Österreich

Also in Germany

The successful concept was also adopted in Germany for the XXXLutz and mömax brands: The content in the mobile-pocket app acts as an ever-present shop window that draws customers into the shop. The growth rate of the customer loyalty programme in mobile-pocket of almost 60% in just 9 months proves how relevant a presence in the popular loyalty card app is.