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In the past the only contact you could establish with your customers was given if they would step into your shop. Nowadays, the mobile world offers an unlimited amount of possibilities to get in touch with your customers even beyond the opening hours. However, the perception and the success of a campaign are connected to where the advertisement is placed.

mobile-pocket is a popular loyalty cards app through which consumers can practically reap the benefits of the loyalty programs directly at the POS. Since the app is used during every purchase it is the ideal mobile marketing channel to promote your offers. 

Advertisement placement

In the Loyalty Card section

Place your offer for customers of the retailers that sell your products  

In the Offers-Tab

Place your offer for all mobile-pocket users to be seen and increase awareness, regardless if they are members of you loyalty program

Through Location-based targeting

Send your offer to customers within a certain range from your POS 

Trusted by top brands

Your added value

Mobile Marketing

Extend your marketing-mix by adding a channel which has an already strong impact and is included in the sopping journey of consumers

Instant Redemption

Profit from different redemption methods such as in-store, online with generic or individual code

High Interaction Rate

Achieve a CTR ranging from 2% to 10%: customers are used to the high-quality content of mobile-pocket

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