ASTRO Markenhaus: tradition meets technology

The story

Tradition and technology can go hand in hand, an example of this is the Austrian family business ASTRO whose beginnings date back to the previous century. Customers of all age enjoy the wide variety of products ranging from fashion to homeware. From the very beginning customer satisfaction has been the company’s paramount and it still is nowadays.

The vision

To lead the traditional family business into a promising future.


The Solution

The brand image plays an important role and contributes significantly to the future path of a company. Therefore, the family business was rebranded, shops refurbished and the loyalty program was opened to the public and made available in digital form.

mobile-pocket supported the process of transformation

As a loyalty cards app and loyalty platform mobile-pocket is the perfect solution for ASTRO. The digital loyalty program enhances the customer experience as they can register for the loyalty program directly in the app and access all the offers and bonuses right away. Registered customers always have their loyalty cards with them and receive updates about the latest offers or discounts.

"Going for mobile-pocket was the right choice. The fact that most of our registered customers had already digitized their loyalty card in mobile-pocket and being able to deliver them our offers to our directly through the app were decisive. Having an app explicitly developed for this would have been costly and complex to maintain and market. In this way we can focus on what we do best: offering the perfect product range to our loyal customers"

Maria Strohmaier
CEO of Astro Handels GesmbH.

Offers are just few clicks away

Customers need just a few clicks to digitize their ASTRO loyalty card. Once users have scanned the barcode on their plastic card they can already access the offers and exclusive vouchers in the app.


In-app customer sign-up

New customers can sign up for their ASTRO loyalty card directly in the app. With this feature the company, that has shops in Vienna and Lower Austria, has quickly won 500 new customers.


Geofence - how to reach customers where they are


For some campaigns Geotargeting technology has been used to address customers at the POS round the clock, such as for new openings of refurbished shops.

Their success

Digitized cards

60% all issued ASTRO loyalty cards are digitized in mobile-pocket

Registration via mobile-pocket

20% of all saved ASTRO loyaty cards have been requested through mobile-pocket – this reduced the issue of plastic cards.