Mobile only rewards program creates loyalty


The Challenge

Customers change their mobile network provider quickly and frequently. Setting up a new mobile-only rewards program helps to attract new customers and keeping existing ones. 

The Vision

Rewards, which are integrated in the native service app, contribute to increasing customer value, decreasing churn rates, while boosting the user base and the number of registered customers.


The Solution

The mobile-pocket SDK allowed a native integration of the rewards in the MyVodafone Ap. By delivering rewards and making it possible for customers to redeem them directly in the service app Vodafone has become a much more attractive mobile network provider. 

"Given the fast time to market in Spain and excellent customer experience delivered in the Spain implementation we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend mobile-pocket to any market looking for a Rewards solution."

Simon Island
Group Head of Marketing Technology Strategy, Vodafone Group

Targeting options allow to address customers based on their interests. Many different features – such as sorting out the rewards according to the location, saving single rewards under the favorites and the consistency in the design of all rewards provided by Vodafone and partners- enhance the customer experience.

Now both new and existing user have more reasons to use and enjoy the original app. Customers that feel good about a brand, stay with that brand. So why would they change?

Accessibility: Anytime, anywhere

Customers don’t want to search, they want to find relevant and attractive rewards. Taylored offers are displayed only to customers that appreciate the value of that offer.

Therefore, rewards are available anytime and anywhere, no matter where customers are and where they redeem them. 

Implementation: easy redemption

Customers can easily redeem their bonuses and rewards both at the POS and online directly through the app.

Barcodes or alphanumeric codes are generated for the rewards, redeemed rewards disappear once they have been claimed or have expired.

Their success

Already a few days after launch millions of customers started using the Loyalty & Rewards-Platform mobile-pocket through the MyVodafone app. Customers now see their rewards on their mobiles and redeem them. The success confirms the importance of a native mobile user experience when it comes to reward programs.

"The MyVodafone app is the perfect channel to deliver rewards. Almost the whole Vodafone customer base has already installed the app on their mobiles, they can find out and redeem their rewards anytime. This contributes enormously to customer satisfaction and loyalty."

Martin Sprengseis
partner at bluesource