Exploit your Mobile Advertising potential

People spend a considerable amount of time on their mobile devices and this has affected classical media advertising. Therefore, it is important for brands to reach their existing and potential new customers on their mobile phones, preferably within an environment where and advertising is profitable both for users and advertisers.

mobile-pocket is an established loyalty cards app which consumers use to profit from their loyalty benefits at the Point of Sales. Since customers use the app during every purchasing process advertising is adapted and tailored to the customers’ usage and behavior. 

Advertisement placement

In the Loyalty Card section

Place your offer for customers of the retailers that sell your products  

In the Offers-Tab

Place your offer for all mobile-pocket users to be seen and increase awareness, regardless if they are members of you loyalty program

Through Location-based targeting

Send your offer to customers within a certain range from your POS 

Trusted by top brands

Your added value

Mobile Advertising

Extend your media-mix by adding a channel which has an already strong impact and is included in the sopping journey of consumers

Custom Targeting

Address your target group at the right moment of their customer journey with attention-grabbing native advertising formats

High Interaction Rate

Achieve a CTR ranging from 2% to 10%: customers are used to the high-quality content of mobile-pocket

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