Mobile Wallet value-added services

Compared to  other countries mobile payment is seen as an alternative payment system in Europe. Mobile Wallets has to provide their users with attractive added values in order to gain popularity. The solutions that will consolidate their position on the market will be those with a consumer and retailer centric approach, with mobile payment being part of a complete shopping experience that combines loyalty cards, vouchers and payment.

By integrating mobile-pocket solutions you will make it worth for your customers to regularly use your mobile wallet.

mobile-pocket for wallets

Mobile Loyalty Cards

By integrating our loyalty cards catalogue in your wallet your customers will open your wallet at the checkout

Mobile offers and rewards

Increase the usage of your wallet app by placing offers, retailers vouchers or your own loyalty program

Further value-added services

Profit from our many years of experience in developing mobile software solutions to implement further services, e.g. digital receipts

How it works

We offer you the flexibility needed to create engaging loyalty and reward programs by providing SDKs, operating multiple APIs, ensuring an easy integration to front-end channels as well as existing IT environments.

Your added value

Clear distinction

Set yourself apart from competition by offering an attractive added value to  customers and retailers

Positive Customer Experience

Delight your users with a complete shopping experience that combines loyalty cards, vouchers and payment

Tailored integration

Decide which loyalty cards and offers should be displayed in your wallet and which features should be integrated

Ready to add value to your wallet?

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