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Consumers obviously find loyalty programs profitable, that is why they subscribe to a lot of them, however they will hardly carry around all their loyalty cards in their wallets, leaving some of them at home. Therefore, as  technology evolves and customer interactions move to mobile brands have to digitize their physical loyalty programs in order to attract and engage with customers.

Our platform is the perfect one-stop-shop for mobile loyalty cards, built to provide retailers with the tools they need to enable their loyalty program for mobile. Wallet-operators use our loyalty card catalogue to combine two important aspects of their shopping journey: loyalty and payment.


Mobile loyalty card

Make sure that your customers always have their loyalty card with them and swipe it at the Point of Sale

Loyalty card enrollment

Grow your loyalty scheme memberships and let your customers reap their benefits instantly  

Mobile only loyalty scheme

Set up a bespoke loyalty card for your business quickly

Balance check

Let your customers check their loyalty points on the go

Direct communication

Contact your customers with new deals, sales, birthday vouchers, … - inspire them to come back 

Analytics and insights

Gain valuable insights about loyalty card usage and campaign success

Trusted by top brands

Your added value

Raise loyalty

See an uptick in customer loyalty as customers can easily access loyalty cards, coupons and rewards from their mobile phones

Act globally

We operate worldwide, offer multi-language support, have numerous ongoing content partnerships, and our loyalty card catalogue includes 5.5k loyalty schemes

Build up

Integrate our GS1 standards compliant solution with your internal systems as well as with third-party platforms

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Wallet operator

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