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Customer churn rate is a critical metric that determines overall business success. Keeping customers is as important as acquiring new ones. In terms of investment costs, customer retention is far more efficient than customer acquisition. One of the best ways to keep customers is making use of the mobile channel as it is the only digital one to deliver relevant, real-time offers, coupons and rewards that that your customers can see and redeem instantly.

Engage with and reward your customers directly in your core mobile channel helping them to get the most out of your relationship thanks to our loyalty & rewards platform.


Instant redemption

Use different reward redemption methods such as in-store and online, with generic and individual codes

Easy campaigning

Create and run campaigns using our simple self-serve business portal or our APIs

User centric UX

Provide location based sorting of offers and rewards, favorites list, redeemed rewards history... 

Custom Audiences

Target users based on events, interests, segments or down to individuals in real time

Location based

Drive sales at the Point of Sale, send out relevant offers and rewards based on customers location using Geofences

Analytics & Insights

Gain valuable insights about campaign success, number of redemptions and quality of your offers

Trusted by top brands

Your added value

Reduce Churn

Increase your profitability by raising customer retention and improving the Net Promoter Score

Act globally

We operate worldwide, offer multi-language support, have numerous ongoing content partnerships, and our loyalty card catalogue includes 5.5k loyalty schemes

Build up

Integrate our GS1 standards compliant solution with your internal systems as well as with third-party platforms

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