Embed your bonus program in your app

Loyal customers are one of the key factors for a company success that also explains why customer retention plays such an increasingly important role. However, the popularity of bonus programs is decreasing due to the fact that they are unable to keep the pace with the mobile revolution. Companies rarely consider their customers’ needs for a more personal relationship and more context-related “instant rewards”, along with the changes in their behavior on smartphones.

Thanks to mobile-pocket Mobile Network Operators and Internet Service Provider can embed their bonus program easily in their app.


Instant redemption

Use different reward redemption methods such as in-store and online, with generic and individual codes

Easy campaigning

Create and run campaigns using our simple self-serve business portal or our APIs

User centric UX

Provide location based sorting of offers and rewards, favorites list, redeemed rewards history... 

Custom Audiences

Target users based on events, interests, segments or down to individuals in real time

Location based

Drive sales at the Point of Sale, send out relevant offers and rewards based on customers location using Geofences

Analytics & Insights

Gain valuable insights about campaign success, number of redemptions and quality of your offers

How it works

We offer you the flexibility needed to create engaging loyalty and reward programs by providing SDKs, operating multiple APIs, ensuring an easy integration to front-end channels as well as existing IT environments.

Your added value


Inform your customers about the services they use and also reward them with discounts and bonuses


Adapt your solutions for subsidiary companies, other countries and for the use with multiple accounts (e.g: for family members)


Raise the number of marketing authorizations and increase your app usage

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