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With mobile-pocket, insurance companies are taking the next step towards digitalisation. Paper and plastic (cards) are a thing of the past. Today, insurance customers store everything important on their smartphone. This also includes insurance service cards. 

Use the smartphone as a digital service interface with your customers. The mobile-pocket digital customer loyalty programme is the ideal tool for this. Your customers will love it and you will save money and resources, relieve your service hotline and with the additional possibilities of mobile-pocket you can make even more out of all this.

Your customers love that

Ready to hand

In the event of (damage) claims, your customers have all the necessary data to hand on their smartphone. 


With one click on their smartphone, your customers can contact the claims hotline or the advisor they have registered by phone.


mobile-pocket users can easily access news and information about your insurance via their smartphone.

What insurance companies love

Convenient, simple, relieving

Take the pressure off your service hotline with mobile-pocket. Customers simply get in touch with you via smartphone using the self-service portal.

Hello new customers

Reach millions of app users digitally and use their attention for your brand and your products.

Sustainable solution that saves money

Save money and resources by eliminating the need to produce and send out service cards.

Manage relationships

As one of the leading loyalty and rewards platforms, mobile-pocket gives insurance companies the opportunity for digital and, above all, sustainable relationship management with their customers. Our digital solutions are your path to a successful digital future.

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