Bank's Wallets: now with value added services

The Challenge

In Austria, payment by smartphone is not yet mainstream. We want to change that with mobile-pocket. 

The Vision

Wolfgang Stockner, CEO of bluesource, sets the goal: "With the mobile-pocket HUB, we want to finally make mobile payments sexy in Austria, too." 
That is why the features of mobile-pocket should come to the banks wallets. 

The Solution

Integrating the features of our loyalty card app mobile-pocket directly into mobile wallets is the solution. With the mobile-pocket HUB - our loyalty and rewards platform - mobile payment solutions of domestic financial service providers become more attractive.

One wallet, many advantages

Customers of Raiffeisen Österreich, Volksbank and many other well-known banks can use their wallet not only to make mobile payments with their ATM card. They also have direct access to their loyalty cards, offers, bonus programmes and membership cards within one place.

Additional, high-coverage channel

Everyone benefits: Consumers, financial service providers and retailers. For existing trade partners of mobile-pocket, the presence in mobile wallets creates an additional, high-coverage channel for targeted marketing.

Appealing Mobile Payment

Creating value for customers and usability were most important to us. Complex processes in the background remain invisible to the user. Adding mobile-pockets’ features and loyalty cards to the mobile wallet in just one step is just one example of the successful implementation.

By integrating the mobile-pocket features into bank wallets, consumers have everything they need at the cash desk always at hand in one app. This joint loyalty initiative by Austria's leading banks together with mobile-pocket makes mobile payment more appealing for customers.