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Customer loyalty programs play a central role in customers’ and companies’ daily life as customer retention is between 5 and 25 times less expensive than customer acquisition. However, you cannot exploit the full potential of your customer loyalty program if you do not implement a mobile loyalty solution since this offers many effective services from which your loyal customers can benefit. Reaching your customers through your own app would imply for you to develop, maintain and market it in the first place before even starting to communicate with them. Our app brings added value to customers because by digitizing their loyalty cards they use the app regularly and to you, as a retailer, because you can engage with them right away.

Thanks to mobile-pocket you will extend your customer loyalty program to mobile devices, profiting from our coverage.


Mobile loyalty card

Make sure that your customers always have their loyalty card with them and swipe it at the Point of Sale

Loyalty card enrollment

Grow your loyalty scheme memberships and let your customers reap their benefits instantly  

Mobile only loyalty scheme

Set up a bespoke loyalty card for your business quickly

Direct communication

Contact your customers with new deals, sales, birthday vouchers, … - inspire them to come back 

Custom Audiences

Target users based on events, interests, segments or down to individuals in real time

Location based

Drive sales at the Point of Sale, send out relevant offers and rewards based on customers location using Geofences

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From Europe

mobile-pocket is made with love, completely developed, maintained and managed from Hagenberg, also known as Austria’s Silicon-Valley

Outstanding CTR

thanks to the users’ interest and high-quality content we register an above-average CTR between 2% and 10%

Well established

mobile-pocket is a very popular loyalty cards app – your customers use it already

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