Omnichannel loyalty that pays off

With mobile-pocket, retailers are taking the next step in omnichannel customer loyalty. Today, customers expect a loyalty programme to be available via the channel of their choice. This includes the mobile-pocket loyalty card app. 

Reach more of your regular customers: As mobile-pocket can be used for all brands, the app offers additional benefits for consumers and is regularly used for shopping at many retailers. Our loyalty platform offers you everything you need to make your customer loyalty programme more profitable: Listing and management of your digital loyalty card in the popular loyalty card app and other wallets, regular customer registration and targeted display of offers.

What your customers love

Loyalty cards always to hand

A slim wallet, selected apps on their smartphone and all loyalty cards always at hand

Become a regular customer

Sign up for a customer loyalty programme with just a few clicks and benefit from all the advantages immediately

Enjoy benefits at any time

All benefits, current offers and personal vouchers from your favourite brands always at hand

Your regular customers are already here!

Ready to find out how many of your regular customers are already using mobile-pocket?

What retailers love

Optimise customer loyalty

Reach your regular customers where they are in terms of omnichannel customer loyalty

Win new customers

Increase the number of your regular customers by registering directly for your customer loyalty programme

Expand your presence

Send offers, promotions and vouchers to your customers' smartphones - and attract them to your shop

Improve results

Increase the likelihood of purchase with a wide range of targeting options, push notifications and much more

Gain insights

Gain valuable insights into the use of your digital loyalty card and the success of your campaigns

Comply with security standards

Rest assured that data protection is a priority: Our data centre is in Germany - and ISO-certified, just like us

Trusted by top brands

"By using mobile-pocket from now on we will rely on the expertise of one of the pioneers of digital customer loyalty. We will enhance the omnichannel experience of our homeware shops and increase customer engagement. This allows us to boost both our online and offline activities."

Thomas Saliger
Spokesperson of the XXXLutz Group Austria

Act profitably

A 5% increase in the customer retention rate increases profits by 25% to 95% (according to a study by the "Harward Business Review"). Don't let the resources you invest in developing and maintaining your customer loyalty programme go to waste. With mobile-pocket you can reach more of your regular customers and optimise your customer loyalty.

Ready to win with your loyal customers?

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