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Rarely has the existence of companies been threatened as much as in the last two Corona-ridden years. Merchants whose regular customers have carried them through the crisis can count themselves lucky. Therefore, it is more important than ever to increase the number of loyal customers. The time has never been as favourable as now in the upswing.

The crisis as productive state

The lockdowns of the last few years were a particular challenge for many companies. To make matters worse, the business closures coincided exactly with the strongest sales periods. But this has also led many entrepreneurs to show creativity in order to survive: Call and Collect, food passed through the window or DIY advice and support via video chat. Many have launched an online shop overnight or opened new digital communication channels to show their customers: I am still there for you. 

Being there for each other

And consumers? They have shown solidarity, despite postponing costly investments. They have supported local businesses with targeted purchases. All this despite the fact that the situation was anything but easy for them too. Which shop offers what? Where can I reach whom? Are promotions still valid? When in doubt, one goes or drives there to find out about the possibilities and opening hours on the spot. But everything is easier digitally.

Digitisation: Here to stay

Since the crisis, it has become clear to even the most sceptical that the use and provision of digital services has many advantages. So it is no wonder that digital loyalty cards experienced a popularity push: While only 36 percent of respondents used digital loyalty cards on their smartphones in 2019, usage rose to 51 percent a year later.* Furthermore, consumers are convinced that the smartphone and mobile apps will continue to gain importance as a medium in the next three years.*

Finding new ways to build customer loyalty

Unsurprisingly, many companies are now focusing on increasing their base of loyal customers* and on increasing referrals and communication with regular customers*, preferably digitally.

But where or how to start? 
You don't need your own expensive app, but an Austrian product for local business. One that does not give "online only" retailers space, but strengthens the Austrian economy. 

mobile-pocket is a popular loyalty card app with which consumers always have all their loyalty cards, including benefits and offers, at hand. For you as an entrepreneur, the app is the extended shop window for your products and communication platform to your regular customers. Your customers can also access your bonus programme, including content, via one of 38 payment apps from well-known Austrian banks. This allows you to directly reach almost every fifth customer who comes into your shop. 

Based on the evaluations of the last two years, one can clearly see: merchants who relied on digitalisation with mobile-pocket at an early stage came out of the lockdowns stronger.

Simple means to success

Would you like to know how many consumers have already digitised their loyalty cards in mobile-pocket? Contact us!
Do you want to digitalise your customer loyalty programme or set up your own digital customer loyalty programme? Let's talk without obligation!
After all, one thing is certain: the time to win regular customers has never been as good as now!

* Dialog Marketing Report 2021 of Austrian Post AG

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