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A loyalty apps purpose is to make an existing (or future) loyalty program available on mobiles. Customers turn to their mobile devices to search for products, services, and information. Therefore, it’s essential for brands to make their existing loyalty program available on mobiles and to consider the mobile channel while creating a new loyalty program. In this article you can read why loyalty apps are indispensable for your company.

Why a loyalty app is indispensable for your business?

The inclusion of a loyalty app in the marketing mix brings several advantages: Not only can existing customers be reached in the best possible way, but new customers can also be acquired. 75 percent of customers said that they would be more likely to engage with mobile-friendly loyalty programs (hubspot, 2019).

There are many reasons for which customers are more likely to use and go back to brands that have a mobile loyalty program in form of an application:

  • Plastic cards are a hassle to carry around, they weight down the purse and are easily 
  • forgotten at home.
  • Some businesses don’t use plastic cards for their loyalty program, but they also want to benefit their loyal customers. A loyalty app is then the perfect deal!
  • Plastic cards in 2022? No way! They are not eco-friendly, and for a big part of environmentally aware customers this can be a deal-breaker in the relationship with a brand.
  • Customers can easily access and view their loyalty points balance, making it easy for them to actually enjoy the benefits of a loyalty program.
  • The loyalty app goodio makes it particularly easy for small and medium sized companies to offer their customers a loyalty platform, where they can benefit from special offers for loyal customers. 
  • You offer your loyal customers special deals? Target them and make the redemption process easy. With a loyalty app you can reach customers anywhere and anytime.
  • 73% of customers are more likely to recommend brands with a good loyalty program (Loyalty Report, 2019).

What are the benefits of loyalty apps?

Mobile loyalty apps keep the dialogue with the customers going. Interacting with your customers through special news or push notification or messaging about current offers helps to “re-activate” one-time-purchase customers and strengthen retention.

At the same time they provide you with data and precious insights into your customers’ preferences, behaviors, and interests. All of this helps to improve your customer journey and marketing strategy.
Providing an interesting customer experience, especially when it comes to rewarding your customers for their loyalty, is paramount. It’s often decisive for your customers to decide whether they want to keep engaging with your brand or not. The more original and authentic the experience is, the higher the chance of referrals from loyal customers.

Wallet loyalty app vs. Merchant loyalty app

In order to do so you have to find out which type of loyalty app is the perfect fit for your use case. There are wallet loyalty apps like mobile-pocket, that allow you to upload your existing traditional physical loyalty cards into the application. A wallet loyalty app stores the loyalty cards digitally. In addition, there are merchant loyalty apps. The use cases of these two are quite similar. With a merchant loyalty app businesses and especially smaller retailers are provided with a platform that allows them to manage their loyalty programs and offer special discounts etc. to their customers even though they don’t use plastics cards for their customer relationship management. A good example therefore is goodio. A loyalty platform for small and medium sized retailers. 

mobile-pocket is a versatile Loyalty & Rewards Platform that allows you to:

  • set up or digitize your loyalty program,
  • manage and differentiate your content,
  • deliver targeted offers and rewards to your customer base through the mobile-pocket native app or via through integration into existing infrastructure.
  • Increase customer engagement & retention by addressing your customers directly on their mobiles, helping you to increase both online and offline sales.

goodio is an app where customers can collect points from their favorite retailers and never miss out on any of their offers again. The loyalty platform allows you to:

  • award points for each purchase
  • exchange the points for rewards
  • manage and differentiate your content in the retailer app
  • stay in touch with your loyal customers
  • Increase customer engagement & retention by addressing your customers directly on their mobiles.

Learn more about mobile-pocket and goodio.
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Going for a loyalty app or a Loyalty & Rewards Platform like mobile-pocket or goodio is the first step towards a successful loyalty program. Find more on: and on

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