10 advantages of digital customer loyalty

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A customer loyalty program must be one thing above all: attractive for the target group. In our digital world, customer loyalty programs should therefore also function digitally. So anyone focusing on customer loyalty today and in the future must opt for digital solutions. In this article, you will find out what advantages they offer. 

1. simple - easy access for better use

What's always with you? That's right - the smartphone. Digital loyalty programs are easily accessible, allowing customers to manage and use their loyalty cards, memberships, offers and rewards directly from their smartphone. This encourages active participation and significantly improves the user journey. Registering with pen and paper is also a thing of the past. With just a few clicks, you can register for the customer loyalty program and immediately benefit from all regular customer advantages.

2. fast - display offers immediately

Offers and promotions are set up and available to customers on their smartphones in no time at all. This not only allows sales-promoting campaigns to be implemented at short notice. Offers and promotions can also be played out in a targeted manner depending on customer behavior and the customer journey. This strengthens customer loyalty. 

3. present - offers in the right place at the right time 

Push notifications, geofence-based campaigns, etc. enable retailers to provide their customers with the right content at the right time and in the right place. Traditional customer loyalty programs are not able to do this. With digital customer loyalty, you can take advantage of the many different ways of addressing customers.

4. targeted - prevent wastage through a targeted approach

Innovative approaches and opportunities to get in touch with retailers digitally are now expected by young and old. A digital customer loyalty program enables companies to reach Generation Z, the true digital natives, more effectively. Thanks to a wide range of targeting options, target group-specific or personalized offers are sent and wastage is minimized. 

5. relevant - offers tailored to interests and purchasing behavior

Recommendations tailored to the preferences and interests of customers make them feel better addressed. Personalized offers strengthen customer loyalty, increase the likelihood of a purchase and thus deliver better results than general campaigns. 

6. precise - simple data collection 

Customer data is an important success factor. Only when you know your customers better can you develop offers tailored to their personal interests. Digital advantage programs not only enable precise data collection. The information obtained can also be forwarded directly and automatically for structuring and analysis. 

7. real time - analysis functions in real time

Digital customer loyalty not only means reaching customers quickly, but also generating data on customer and purchasing behavior just as quickly. This data can be analyzed within a very short time of promotions and advertising campaigns being played out. In this way, the digital customer loyalty program helps to continuously optimize the marketing strategy.

8. sustainable - environmentally friendly alternative instead of plastic cards

If you rely on digital customer loyalty, it scores points in terms of environmental friendliness. Customer card mailings, plastic cards, regular mailings etc. are a thing of the past. Printed advertising materials are replaced by digital mailings and thus not only help to save resources, but also generate a more environmentally friendly image for the advertising company. 

9. inexpensive - cost reduction through digital mailings

Offers and promotions are sent out via the digital customer loyalty program. This eliminates the cost of printing cards or brochures and sending postal mailings and letters with loyalty points etc. The resources freed up as a result can be used elsewhere. The resources freed up as a result can be used elsewhere. 

10. omnichannel-capable - accessibility in different channels 

An omnichannel customer loyalty strategy uses both online and offline channels to reach customers. With a comprehensive presence on site, on the web, on social channels, its own mobile app, customer loyalty apps and wallets, the company is always where its customers are. 

The world is becoming increasingly digital and so is customer loyalty. Digital customer loyalty programs improve customer satisfaction, strengthen loyalty to the brand, help companies to optimize their marketing strategy and thus operate more sustainably. Have we convinced you of the benefits of digital customer loyalty? Then take advantage of the benefits and lay the foundation for your digital customer loyalty program together with mobile-pocket!

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