XXXLutz Group has integrated mobile-pocket in its marketing mix

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The software company bluesource acquires a new customer: the XXXLutz Group, one of the biggest furniture retailers worldwide. The homeware stores XXXLutz, Möbelix and Mömax have integrated mobile-pocket - the customer loyalty app developed by bluesource- in their marketing mix. Thanks to the numerous targeting options mobile-pocket allows to reach customers more specifically through digital touch points on their mobile devices.

Hagenberg, 2019-08-20: Digital customer loyalty keeps growing. More and more companies from different industries are recognizing the potential of mobile loyalty and rewards platforms. Just as the XXXLutz Group and its popular homeware shops XXXLutz, Möbelix and Mömax have done. The XXXLutz Group has implemented the marketing solution of mobile-pocket in order to better reach their customers on their mobile devices from now on, delivering targeted offers, discounts and vouchers.

Strengthening customer loyalty through Smartphones

The smartphone has become an everyday companion and therefore an effective channel to strengthen customer loyalty. Thanks to mobile-pocket customers can manage their loyalty cards and programs all together in a single “digital wallet”. In this way companies can deliver taylored content to their loyal customers through special targeting options.

„The digital solutions of mobile-pocket provide companies with numerous ways to deliver targeted offers, discounts and vouchers to users based on their interests. This allows to manage effectively the whole customer journey on mobile devices through different digital touch points.”, says bluesource CEO Wolfgang Stockner. “We are very pleased to have been able to win the XXXLutz Group, one of our biggest new customers so far. Winning the trust of such an important company on the Austrian market truly confirms the successful work of the last few years.“

„By using mobile-pocket from now on we will rely on the expertise of one of the pioneers of digital customer loyalty. We will enhance the omnichannel experience of our homeware shops and increase customer engagement. This allows us to boost both our online and offline activities“, explains company spokesperson of the XXXLutz Group Austria Thomas Saliger.

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