Digital instead of plastic: AK Burgenland digitizes AK-Card with mobile-pocket

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Roman Felder leads the project at the Burgenland Chamber of Labor. © AK Burgenland

The Arbeiterkammer Burgenland (AK Burgenland) has more than 104,000 members. Each and every one of them can use the AK-Card to enjoy many benefits in the cultural and leisure sector. More than 104,000 members would now have meant more than 104,000 plastic cards. One more card that would make the wallet fatter or would have disappeared in a drawer at home anyway. "We don't want that," those responsible at AK Burgenland told themselves, and are going all digital with mobile-pocket.

"We decided on a digital version with mobile-pocket because it is easier and more practical for our members to handle and they can be informed about new offers faster and more accurately by digital means," says Roman Felder, head of this project at AK Burgenland. "The electronic AK-Card causes less costs and is more environmentally friendly. If desired, the classic card will of course still be available in isolated cases."

mobile-pocket: it couldn't be easier

Reduced admission to operettas, summer theater, musicals, classical concerts, museums and much more. In addition, action offers, discounted city trips or wellness - the advantages that AK Burgenland offers its members with the AK-Card are very diverse. What they have in common: They can all be found behind the AK-Card in mobile-pocket. Creating them in the app could hardly be easier.

Uncomplicated and good experience decisive

Easy access to the app and the card was one of the reasons why AK Burgenland chose mobile-pocket. What tipped the final scales? "On the one hand, it was the uncomplicated initial discussion and, on the other hand, the good experiences of the chambers of labor in other federal states," says project manager Felder. mobile-pocket is already being used by the chambers of labor in Vienna, Upper Austria, Salzburg and Tyrol.

Information about mobile-pocket on all channels

In order to make all members aware of the new, simple and, above all, digital form of the AK Card, the Burgenland Chamber of Labour provides information about it in all its media (members' newspaper, website, social media channels, ...). Members and works council members receive a newsletter on the subject, in all service points, displays draw attention to mobile-pocket and the digital AK-Card, and during company visits by the AK President, additional information cards are distributed to the employees.

As there are also regular competitions for the members of AK Burgenland, it is worth taking a look behind the AK-Card in mobile-pocket.

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