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If you are interested in customer acquisition and retention, you often get the impression that it is an either-or decision. However, when used correctly, a company can pursue both at the same time. With the right strategy, successful customer loyalty can increase customer acquisition and thus achieve long-term and sustainable success.

Customer loyalty measures are cheaper

Did you know that it is seven times cheaper to retain regular customers than to attract new ones? This is also the reason why companies should primarily focus on the long-term loyalty of their customers. Moreover, regular customers also spend considerably more money: It takes at least five new customers to generate the same turnover as a regular customer.

Why is that? It's obvious: regular customers trust a company, know the quality and therefore buy more than someone who is just getting to know a brand or a company. Moreover, regular customers buy regularly.

Increase customer acquisition through customer loyalty

According to the Dialog Marketing Report, new customer acquisition is a priority for over 70 percent of retail companies in Austria. This acquisition of new customers is usually accompanied by expensive advertising campaigns, which are ultimately intended to lure consumers into the shops. But what if customer acquisition could also be cheaper?

Focus on customer loyalty and make sure that you have satisfied regular customers. This way you can kill two birds with one stone. Satisfied regular customers like to talk about their shopping experiences. Especially if they are also satisfied with a company's loyalty programme. After all, according to the Loyalty Report, 73 percent of consumers say they would recommend a brand or company to others if they liked the customer loyalty programme.

Happy regular customers talk about it

So make sure that your regular customers are satisfied with your loyalty programme. Then it will be these same loyal customers who will in turn attract new customers to your business.

You can help with this: For example, offer your regular customers extra bonuses for attracting new customers or start a social media campaign to increase your visibility and reach through the engagement of your regular customers. Be creative!

Focus on customer loyalty!

Why you as an entrepreneur should rely on a customer loyalty programme? Apart from the fact that you will increase customer acquisition. We can give you many more reasons. One of them is to secure your future, because regular customers keep coming back and ensure regular turnover. You can read more about this in this article.

However, it is not only customer loyalty that is important, but also its implementation. We can tell you from experience what customers really want: A simple customer loyalty programme that works straightforwardly and offers many advantages. In short, a digital loyalty programme directly on the smartphone.

Digital loyalty programme? mobile-pocket

A digital loyalty programme sounds interesting, but you also think of a lot of effort and high costs? Then you should rely on mobile-pocket. Our popular customer loyalty platform already comes with everything you need for your digital loyalty programme. So you can get started in a short time, with little effort and save on the development costs of your own app. We have summarised for you here how you can get started with mobile-pocket, increase your customer loyalty and boost customer acquisition.

We would be happy to clarify everything else in a non-binding discussion. We look forward to your enquiry!

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