Customer loyalty made simple: What your customers (don't) want

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Do you actually know what your customers (don't) want? This question sounds banal, but it is of great importance for successful customer retention.

Customer loyalty simple, practical & clear

It's actually quite obvious what customers (don't) want: As many benefits as possible without major hurdles. In other words, don't make things unnecessarily complicated for your customers if you want to win them over as regular customers. If you offer your regular customers a simple and practical way to use your loyalty program, you will be able to convince them more quickly and in greater numbers.

No hurdles to the loyalty program

"Visit the store, fill out the form and get your bonus card in the mail!" - Nice try, but not up to date! Don't build unnecessary hurdles for your customers* on the way to your loyalty program. Customer loyalty must also be easy for consumers. The faster they can become part of your loyalty program, the more likely they are to sign up. Keep it simple, but how exactly?

Digital loyalty card more popular than ever

The Dialog Marketing Report 2022 shows that 97 percent of Austrians own a smartphone. A full 86 percent almost always have it with them. Austrian consumers not only have their smartphones with them when they shop, they are also using them more and more. More than half of consumers use their loyalty cards on their smartphones. The use of digital wallets is also growing strongly, as the Dialog Marketing Report showed as early as 2021

Digital customer loyalty as a success factor

So pick up your customers where they are anyway: On your smartphone screen!
One thing is for sure: What your customers don't want is to stand at the checkout and search in their wallet for the right loyalty card in order to actually get the loyalty discount. One solution to make customer loyalty simple and user-friendly is a digital loyalty program. Take your smartphone out of your pocket, open the app and benefit from all the advantages of the respective loyalty program.

We have what you want

Now that you know what your customers (don't) want, let's talk about what you want! Do you want to gain regular customers and secure the long-term future of your business? Then rely on mobile-pocket and raise your customer loyalty simply and effectively to a new level.
You can easily inform regular customers about new offers and promotions via push messages - by the way, something that almost every fifth person wants, as you can also read in the Dialog Marketing Report 2021
You can also attract new customers and give them the opportunity to register for your customer loyalty program directly in the app.

Win regular customers easily with digital customer loyalty

Our popular customer loyalty platform mobile-pocket offers all this and much more. Why does it also make sense to rely on digital customer loyalty? We'll be happy to tell you here. We would be happy to discuss everything else you want to know about digital customer loyalty and how to win regular customers. We look forward to it! 

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Customer loyalty made simple: What your customers (don't) want

If you want to win regular customers, you should know exactly what your customers (don't) want! With these tips, customer retention can be easy.