Digital loyalty programs as key to better customer retention

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You already rely on active customer loyalty in the form of a regular customer program? That's good, because it allows you to secure the success of your business in the long term. Customer loyalty works even better if you digitalise your loyalty program. Why? We will be happy to explain.

Make it simple for customers

One of the most important requirements of customers for a loyalty program - apart from good offers - is ease of use. Digital loyalty programs have the great advantage that a plastic card is no longer needed. Instead of having to look for the right card in their wallet at the checkout, customers can simply show their digital loyalty card on their smartphone. Full benefits, less hassle. This is how you improve the shopping experience of your customers simply and effectively.

Stay in touch

What do a new message in Messenger, a like on social media and an incoming payment on the bank account have in common? We are informed about all these events directly on our smartphone via push notification. And even at any time, at any place. Use this option to communicate with your regular customers and send notifications about current offers, regular customer discounts or special benefits.

Better technology, better shopping experience

Did you know that 70 per cent of consumers worldwide believe that companies should use better technology in their loyalty programs? (Ayden Retail Report 2022) The best thing to do is to do what you do with your company's offer: listen to what your customers want. Modern technology for customer loyalty not only has advantages for consumers, but also for retailers.

Using the data you receive from your customers in the digital bonus program, you can target your advertising more precisely: On the one hand, based on the user's interests, on the other hand, based on location. If a customer is in the vicinity of your point of sale, you can use geofence to inform him/her specifically and at the right time about current offers in your store.

It sounds like digital loyalty programs are actually indispensable for your business. It's best to take a look at this article too, because there are even more reasons why you should rely on a digital loyalty program.

Do you have a desire for digitalisation?

Digital loyalty programs therefore offer numerous opportunities to improve customer loyalty. With the right platform, this can be done easily, quickly and without much effort. Would you like to improve your customer loyalty and are now interested in digitising your loyalty program or setting up your own digital loyalty program? Then we should talk to each other without obligation!

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