Loyalty programs: What customers expect

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Let's talk about your loyalty program. Or rather, about what regular customers expect when they join your loyalty program. Here are a few points to keep in mind to make your loyalty program successful. 

Simple - from the start

The beginning of a customer's history with a company determines whether they will become a repeat customer. So don't make it too difficult for your potential customers to sign up for your loyalty program. 
If the registration process is easy to understand and requires little effort, more customers are likely to decide to join your loyalty program. Maybe there's also a contest or an instant discount for new members? 

Loyal customers expect rewards

The main reason consumers join loyalty programs in the first place is to be rewarded. And because you as a retailer benefit from your regular customers in particular, your regular customers should be able to expect the same in return. 
The rewards you offer your customers vary from company to company. A great bonus doesn't always have to be a price reduction or a free giveaway. Our tip: Be creative and think about what could have real added value for your customers.

Straightforward to the bonus

Make your loyalty program simple, not only during registration, but in all other areas as well. Is it clear how to redeem a particular bonus? Do your customers understand how long a promotion is valid and what it entails? If so, your customers will enjoy using the loyalty program. But if it's too complicated or incomprehensibly explained, you'll quickly find yourself without regular customers.

Recognition is what regular customers expect

But even beyond reduced prices or special promotions, your regular customers want to know what they mean to the company. You can often achieve this by doing little things: A short welcome message for new club members or information about a new, interesting product, for example.
If you also know the customer's first name, it shows that they mean business. "Hi Maximilian, we have a new product that might interest you. Come by, we'll be happy to advise you!" - customer loyalty can be that simple.

From bonus club to VIP club

Make them feel special! 
Being part of an exclusive club feels good. It may not be something that regular customers expect, but it's something you can score with. 
Give your regular customers an exclusive feeling! A VIP event for club members only or a pre-sale of a new product exclusively for regular customers - be creative! When customers realize that they are important to a company or brand, the company's standing with customers will also increase. This increases customer loyalty and sales.

Offer all the benefits mobile

You know what else helps improve customer loyalty? Digital loyalty programs! Don't think so? We'll show you why digital loyalty programs are the key to success.
Simply put, nothing is better for customer loyalty than when it takes place where your customers* are anyway. On their smartphone. In an app, your regular customers can find their digital loyalty card, all promotions and offers, and all at the right time and in the right place.

Do you want to offer what regular customers expect?

This wonderful place is our popular loyalty card app mobile-pocket! 
Do you want to offer what regular customers expect in your loyalty program? Then let's talk about the digital future of your loyalty program with mobile-pocket.

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