Payment with added value: Raiffeisen app RaiPay integrates customer loyalty platform mobile-pocket

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Thanks to the integration, users can access their loyalty cards directly - payments in the retail sector gets added value

Vienna/Hagenberg, 24 May 2022 - The combination of customer loyalty and payment via digital platforms is becoming increasingly important in the retail sector - both for consumers and for retailers and banks. The Raiffeisenbank Group Austria is now integrating the customer loyalty platform mobile-pocket from the Hagenberg-based app developer bluesource - mobile solutions gmbh into its payment app RaiPay. With the RaiPay function "Loyalty", users have the possibility to use value-added services smoothly and simultaneously during payment by accessing their digital customer cards directly from the payment app. 

Digital customer loyalty: Loyalty in your pocket

With the integration of mobile-pocket, users of the RaiPay app can access all their loyalty cards and use them when paying to benefit from a merchant's bonuses, discounts and promotions and thus secure savings. This eliminates the need to carry loyalty cards in your wallet or open a separate loyalty card app. The customer card of choice is opened directly in RaiPay and scanned by the checkout staff. Afterwards, payment can be made with the smartphone at the payment terminal. Payment and the use of value-added offers thus result in a simple process. "Digital customer loyalty is a must for retailers. Merchants who offer convenient contactless payment as well as smooth collection of bonuses, discounts and benefits can further develop their regular customers and retain them in the long term," comments Martin Sprengseis, Managing Partner at mobile-pocket. He adds: "Merchants have the great advantage that the reach they achieve through mobile-pocket is now extended to RaiPay users." mobile-pocket can be integrated into existing apps with little effort. Via mobile-pocket's web-based business portal, merchants can send offers and promotions directly to the mobile-pocket app or apps in which mobile-pocket is integrated, thus increasing customer loyalty.

Secure payment with added value: how mobile-pocket works in RaiPay

In order to use the advantages of mobile-pocket in RaiPay, users only have to register directly in the RaiPay app with their mobile-pocket account. Loyalty cards can be accessed directly via the loyalty function in the RaiPay app and scanned at the cash desk. Contactless payment is then made via RaiPay. 

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