Losing customers: 5 reasons why your loyalty program is not being used (anymore) and what you can do about it

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Are you struggling with unexplained customer loss and don't know why your loyalty program is only used to a limited extent? We have found 5 reasons why your regular customers do not use your loyalty program (anymore). Often, even small changes have a big impact and your regular customers stay loyal to you again. We show you what is important.

1. Complicated registration

First things first: Make it as easy as possible for your customers to join your loyalty program. Long and complicated registrations discourage the "normal consumer". Limit yourself to the essential customer data you need, such as name, address, date of birth and e-mail. Briefly describe what benefits you offer. Onboarding new customers should not take more than a few minutes to keep the bounce rate low. 

The easiest way is to register directly in a digital loyalty program, such as mobile-pocket. When a customer signs up for your loyalty program in mobile-pocket, all data is stored and registration is completed in a few clicks. 

2. Lack of communication with your regular customers

You have a loyalty program, but your customers don't know about the benefits? This is something you should and can change as soon as possible. Communicate with your regular customers! This promotes both customer relations and customer loyalty. 
Digital loyalty programs also offer the solution in this respect: Did you know that 98 percent of Austrians own a smartphone? The majority (88 percent) even have it with them almost all the time. The Dialog Marketing Report 2021 shows that you can make communication easier for yourself and your customers. Push notifications allow you to communicate with your regular customers and reach them at the optimal time. Push notifications can also be sent out based on location. Is your customer near your point of sale? Send him or her a location-based push notification and guide him or her into the store. That's how effective communication works. 

3. Unmanageable promotions and discounts.

A multitude of promotions, discounts, point systems and special offers leads to overwhelm. Make it as easy as possible for your customers. You don't have to offer everything - the right mix, combined with clear communication, is the key. You can offer a varied potpourri of benefits. 

Years of experience with the customer loyalty app mobile-pocket show that you should never combine more than 10 benefits at once. Our team can show you the perfect mix of benefits and help you to show your customers clearly and concisely which benefits and offers you have. Your decreasing customer loss will prove us right.

4. Unattractive advantages

In addition to the quantity of offers, the quality of the bonus program is what counts most. To avoid customer loss, you need to make sure that the offers and benefits you provide are relevant to your customers. 

Customers need to see a clear benefit for themselves. Offers that are available without a loyalty program offer little incentive to join a program. Make your regular customers aware of the difference between them and "normal" customers. Added value is the key to customer loyalty.

5. Misunderstanding customer data & buying behavior

A great advantage of a digital loyalty program is to gain data about the buying behavior of its customers. You will gain valuable insights about preferences, customer behavior and buying habits of your regular customers and get to know them on a completely different level. 

If you use mobile-pocket for your digital customer loyalty, you will receive evaluations of campaigns, promotions and special offers with just a few clicks. In this way, you can find out what your customers value. This is an important point when it comes to minimizing customer loss.

Do you want to keep your regular customers?

If you have the feeling that your regular customers are no longer satisfied with your loyalty program, then you should change something. Our tip: go for a digital loyalty program!

Digital loyalty programs are the key to better customer loyalty and satisfied regular customers. So why wait? Our team will be happy to advise you on how to switch to your digital loyalty program step by step.

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