How to increase loyalty program signups

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Have you started a customer loyalty program in your company, offer great deals and special promotions but the participants are not coming? Then you should find out what the reason is. If you know the reasons, you can increase loyalty program sign-ups thanks to a few little tricks.

Know what customers (don't) want

Have you ever wondered what your customers want from a loyalty program? Maybe we can give you some tips. It could also be that your regular customers are not satisfied with the way you offer your loyalty program. We asked ourselves what customers (don't) want in terms of loyalty programs. It may also be your key to success.

Increase loyalty program signups with little tricks

However, on the road to a successful loyalty program, there are other little tricks that, if used correctly, can lead to long-term success. We'll show you how to increase loyalty program sign-ups.

Give your customers a good reason

How many customers sign up for your loyalty program doesn't necessarily depend on how well known it already is. And even if the loyalty program offers many obviously useful benefits, that's no guarantee of a large number of sign-ups. 
What customers often lack is an initial incentive to sign up. Try offering an instant discount on the first purchase for new members. Another option, for example, is to automatically enter a competition for everyone who registers for your loyalty program within a certain period of time. Maybe that's the little jolt your customers have been missing.

Talk about it

The best loyalty program is useless if no one knows about it. Because if you don't know about it, you can't participate in the loyalty program. You should therefore never miss an opportunity to promote your loyalty program. There are no limits to your imagination: Starting with displays and posters at the point of sale, you can also advertise your loyalty program on the invoice, present it in more detail on the website and draw attention to it on social media.  
Also, make sure your employees know exactly what the program is and not only promote it, but can answer their questions about it, if necessary. Make your loyalty program a topic of discussion every time your customers make a purchase. Once they know about your program and all its benefits, loyalty program enrollment will increase and the investment will pay off.

Leverage social media reach

Short video messages, slogans and images that are recognizable, and a participation challenge with an appropriate hashtag. Well-designed social media campaigns can have a big impact on customer engagement, and therefore on your customer loyalty program. Big brands regularly show how it's done, for example with these eight campaigns. 
Used correctly, you too can use your social media presence to get customers to sign up for your loyalty program. Give it a try!

Need support?

We, the team around the customer loyalty platform mobile-pocket, are specialists in the field of digital customer loyalty. But we don't just give you the right tips on how to increase loyalty program sign-ups, we also offer a customer loyalty app that gives your customers exactly what they expect. Do you want to retain regular customers easily and successfully? Then we should talk to each other!

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